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Al Cabohne on BoardgameGeek
Dschunke Queen Games from Brett&Board
Guillotine from Wizards of the Coast vault
High Bohn extension for Al Cabohne - rules provided by Game Central Station
Im Zeichen des Kreuzes Queen Games from Boardgame Geek
Midnight Party - Ghost party - Mitternachtsparty
Risk Napoleon and Risk Napoleon
Schampus a Jenga game with bubbles - rules translated by Le Valet
Taktvoll a Adlung Spiele musical card game - rules translated by Le Valet

Family Games

Tock (Wampoo) - Rules
Rummoli - Rules

Game of 10,000 or 5,000
Valyum - variant for a classic game

Texas 42
Over 50 different rules


French - English Lexis

: a small guide to help you play these French wargames.

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Basic Rules of Commercially Available Games

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